Helping Hands Headstone Cleaning

Eastern Ontario’s premier eco-friendly headstone cleaning and gravesite care specialist

About Helping Hands

Serving Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley, Helping Hands was born from two unlikely passions: Gardening and Genealogy. When investigating family resting places, I was struck by how many headstones were in poor condition. I was saddened to see how they were becoming obscured and blackened by the effects of the environment over time.

The more time I spent surrounded by these soiled markers, the more I felt compelled to do something about it. As a habitual gardener, I wondered if there was a way to clean them without impacting the environment.

Helping Hands Headstone Cleaning was born from the desire to help maintain the legacy of loved ones and families.

The Do’s and Don’ts

The utmost precautions are taken to maintain a headstone while being cleaned and only products that are environmentally friendly are used. Safe, industry recommended techniques are used while caring for your loved one’s headstone. In addition, the grass surrounding the headstone will be trimmed and the area raked.

I Use

Industry leading cleaning solution

Water and soft bristle brushes

Elbow grease and determination

I Do Not Use

metal brush with a cross through it

Power washers

metal brush with a cross through it

Metal base brushes

Our Work

Taking headstones from grim to great

Our Services

  • Headstone/Marker cleaning and debris removal

  • Weeding, edging, and grass and overgrowth trimming
  • Arrangement for special markers (ex. National flag) to enhance area

  • Digital before and after photographs
  • Discounts available for combined services or multiple gravesites in the same Cemetery


Headstone Cleaning

  • Small Marker – $100.00
  • Medium Marker – $150.00
  • Large Marker – $200.00

Total service

  • Soft bristle brush scrub
  • Eco-friendly cleaning wash

Gravesite Care

  • Removal of overgrowth and debris
  • Grass trimming, edging, weeding and raking of leaves – $35.00
  • Free-Veteran’s Memorials – Placement of Canadian Flags at no charge if combined with any on-site service.

Helping Hands takes extra care not to damage the gravesite in any way. If a headstone is deemed too dangerous or unstable to clean, this will be reported to the Cemetery administrator for corrective action and no work will progress until resolved. Cleaning services are offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.

Please note: Large memorial marker cleaning, headstone repair, and restoration services are not offered by Helping Hand Headstone Cleaning.

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